Carefully selected wood from the world

Carefully selected wood from the world

Sandalwood - Brazil

Sandalwood has the natural scent of the wood and a great added benefit. It has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties due to the natural presence of Sandalwood essential oil. Those who suffer from skin psoriasis which usually shows itself in the form of inflamed skin, beard itch, or hair dandruff can benefit from sandalwood. Sandalwood comb is static free. Sandalwood soaks in oils over time - perfect for beard oil users.

Wild Boar Bristle - China

BFWood beard brush is made of natural boar bristles. The texture of boar's hair is similar to human hair. Boar bristle spread oils naturally throughout your beard and make it softer. Examining the texture of boar's hair, you'll notice how similar it is to human hair which is why it gives you the least amount of irritation. The benefits of boar bristle are less dryness and itchiness, more moisture and shine.

Beech Wood - China

Beech wood is the wood from any of ten species of beech trees. Contoured solid beech wood handle ensures maximum contact with your beard for the most efficient styling. Unlike synthetic materials, beech wood brush will often age gracefully. With the right maintenance, beech wood beard brush can look lovely for many years, providing a natural, organic style.

Walnut Wood- United States

Walnut is considered by woodworkers and builders, to be one of the more exotic hardwood species commonly available. Typically referred to as Black walnut, it's grown and harvested in the Eastern United States. Walnut is considered dimensionally stable; it resists twisting and warping to a moderate degree. Walnut is very durable with respect to rot and decay, but it has only moderate resistance to bugs such as the powder-post beetle.

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